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Word:  F-Pattern

Definition: The natural eye movement by Western societies when scanning content rich webpages. Most people will automatically scan the top of a page, then skim down the lefthand side, and make a few occasional forays into into the center.

Reference: The pattern consistently appears during eye tracking sessions that use heat maps to follow a user’s gaze. This word is best described with a picture so take a look below!

What does this have to do with design you ask? If you know and understand how a user most-often views a webpage, you can purposefully place specific content in the most effective areas for optimal attention.

Thoughts/Questions: The concept of an F-pattern has been understood for a long time and thrown around quite often.  However, webpages are taking on new formats and a typical webpage today does not look anything like what users saw even 5 years ago. Do you think the F-pattern will continue to have a strong influence on design moving forward?

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