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Word: Gamification

Definition: The use of game elements and design features in a non-gaming context in order to solve problems, like in a business, for example.

Thought: Three strong components of gamification that have spread rapidly through the digital design industry are validation, completion, and prizes.alidation is like retweets, up-votes, and likes.

Validation drives engagement and strengthens the sense of community.

Completion, just like working your way through a game level, can be applied to anything from your Linkedin profile percentage to hitting a step-count on a fitness tracker.

Prizes are used as incentives to focus the user and help her see a task through to completion. A great example is earning badges and avatars on the language learning application, Duolingo.

Question: While these are just three examples, it is easy to see how gamification has infiltrated our digital lives. Now that gamification is all around us, will this diminish its powerful effect? Have we already over-used this technique to a point-of-no-return?

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