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Word:  Appticipation

Definition: Proactive experiences based on location. Quite literally, the ability for a mobile application to anticipate the needs of its user, to think ahead, and to know what the user is about to do before she does it.

Reference: The term was created by Mike Schneider. The goal is to create more meaningful and engaging experiences between the user and the app. It is data that helps inform user experience and creates a new form of communication that is both personalized and proactive.

Example time! A personal favorite app of mine is the Ballpark app, which recognizes when I, the user, have entered a stadium and goes on to provide me with coupons, discounts, concession maps, and seat upgrade offers. Sometimes a little too enthusiastically, but I appreciate the anticipation of my needs in the moment nonetheless.

Question: While this particular term is fairly new, the concept has been around for a while now. However, at what point does appticipation become invasive? How do we balance the benefits with concerns of overzealous advertising?

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